As this is a once in a lifetime situation, with zero precedences, we are working to come up with the best solution for everyone involved.
As you are aware, we offer a No Questions Asked Travel Insurance.  Technically, our cancellation policy states that there are no cancellations, changes, or refunds of any kind unless the travel insurance is added, and the contract states that this is "for any reason".  If you are still outside of the cancellation minimum you can still cancel for a refund based on the contract guidelines.
However, we do understand that if there is a travel ban, or if a park or resort closes, that is definitely a unique situation and that this outbreak is not something most people consider when choosing to accept or decline the travel insurance we offer.
As such, while we cannot offer a refund to any guests that did not add the travel insurance, we are trying to work with everyone to the best of our ability in the event that Disney closes their parks or resorts.  If that situation occurs and you are not able to take your trip (due to a Disney park or resort closure during your travel dates), we will try to reschedule you for a later date, based on availability and within the DVC guidelines (based on when the points expire and their holding status once the original reservation is canceled). We will do everything we can to try to help make the best out of a bad situation.