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You can contact us using this form: Contact Us. Once we receive the email, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

We never know what rooms are available until we check with Disney Vacation Club Member Services. We never say "never" until Member Services says so. It is always best to book as early as possible. If you have a room you MUST have, you may want to book as close to 11 months out as possible. Once you get closer to the 6 and 7-month mark, resort options start to thin out. 

Due to Disney Vacation Club rules, 11 months in advance is the earliest we can secure your room.

$25.00 and includes our No Questions Asked Travel Insurance.

For the "Reservation Request Form", you can just add how many rooms you need in the additional comments section. If you decide you want to pay the deposit and secure those rooms, we will have you fill out a different form that asks for information that Disney requests which is the "Booking Form". Once you get to that stage, you will have to fill out a "Booking Form" for each room you are securing.

The short answer is no. We charge a flat fee of $25.00 per point. This flat fee price includes our travel insurance.
For more information about our travel insurance policy, view here.

Certain methods of payment do add an additional 4% fee. Other types of payment require no additional fees and the total cost
is only the point amount multiplied by $25.00 per point.

Visit our point calculator here. You can choose between point amounts and dollar amounts. As long as you have the correct dates (check-in and check-out), the amounts should be exact.

Sort of, we offer our availability/booking system here. However, if you want to check availability directly through Disney Vacation Club, you would not be allowed to unless you own Disney Vacation Club.

There is a two-step process:

1. Use our availability finder tool found here. Once you have found a room that is available and suits your needs. Click Book Now and fill out the form.

2. You will be directed to PayPal for a $200 deposit.

After you have completed the booking form and paid the deposit. We will contact the DVC Member and have them secure your room. They (the DVC Member) will then send us the confirmation number for your reservation. Once we have received the confirmation number we will send you an online contract via email. Just click the link, view the contract, and sign. The confirmation number for your room will be included on the contract.

At this point, you can add the reservation number to My Disney Experience (if you are going to WDW). As Disneyland does not allow you to add your room reservation to their app. Once you get everything from us showing your room is reserved, you have 7 days to pay your balance in full.

Yes, you will receive a reservation number once your room is secured. Depending on what resort you are staying at you can add this reservation number to my disney experience (app or internet browser). There are circumstances like Disneyland in California who do not offer add your room to the site/app. However, Walt Disney World in Florida does allow you to add the number.

We require a $200.00 deposit before securing your room. If we can not secure your room, the deposit is 100% refunded.

Once, your room is secured and we have sent you the reservation number, we require full payment for the balance of your reservation within 7 calendar days (you will be given the exact due date with your contract, which must be signed and returned to us).

Yes, you can also visit our Facebook page and see reviews which will be here.

No, but you can purchase park tickets through us if you have a reservation through us..


Yes, all reservations moving forward have our No Questions Asked Travel Insurance included. That information can be found here.

Yes, it will work the same as booking a resort directly through Disney. You can go online or use the my disney experience app to go through this process. Please note that the Grand Californian does not offer this service.

We would recommend going to the check-in desk upon arrival though. They will give you a welcome packet and make sure your contact information is correct. Once your room is ready (if not already) you will get an e-mail or text message when it becomes available. At that time they will also give you the room number and area the room is located.

Trash and Towel service is included in all stays of more than four days. If your stay is for less than eight nights, you will receive Trash & Towel service on day four. If your stay is for eight nights or longer, you will receive a full cleaning service on day four, and Trash & Towel service on day eight. After that, the cycle begins again on day twelve. Day one is check-in day. Daily housekeeping can be arranged and paid for at the time of check-in. The following rates are subject to change:

Additional Full Cleaning Rates:
Studio - $30.00 for each day requested
One-Bedroom - $45.00 for each day requested
Two-Bedroom - $60.00 for each day requested
Three-Bedroom - $75.00 for each day requested

Additional Trash & Towel Rates:
Studio - $10.00 for each day requested
One-Bedroom - $15.00 for each day requested
Two-Bedroom - $20.00 for each day requested
Three-Bedroom - $30.00 for each day requested

Of course! Once you have secured a room and receive your reservation number, you can go here and choose your dining plan. Once you have chosen a plan and paid for it, we will contact the DVC Member and have them add it to your reservation.

Yes, it works great! However, to ensure a smooth experience we suggest that all names, ages, and emails that you have given us for your room reservation match what you use in the app/website. If they do not match it could create issues beyond our control. At which point, you would need to contact Disney directly to have sorted out. If you have used MyDisneyExperience before, it should be no different than when you previously used it.

Yes, it is now included with your reservation. You can find information on our travel insurance here.

Yes, there are listed here.

No, your room has been reserved through Disney Vacation Club and they will only talk to the owner that has booked your room. If you need to make any changes (add/subtract a person, change address, etc.) you will need to e-mail us as soon as possible so we can handle it for you.

Those staying in DVC Studio accommodations may not have a washer and dryer right in their room but they do have free access to public facilities. Each resort has washer and dryers available to members at no cost. Use is first-come, first-served. Locations vary by resort—at Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, they are located near each of the pool complexes.

Note that some of the washer/dryer units have coin slots, but money does not need to be inserted in order to operate the machines.

If you are staying in a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom villa your room will have a washer and dryer located inside of it.

Yes, we have an online guestbook where people can leave any review they want as long as they have used us and stayed at the resort, Or they are a DVC member that has rented their points through us. That guestbook can be found here.

You can also visit our facebook page and see reviews which will be here.

While we do have a stipulation on our contract that states that if a renter damages the room that they are responsible, we have done several thousand reservations and have never had that come up. Disney knows that there are children in most rooms and things get broken, scratched, and spilled on all the time and they never come after anyone.

You are allowed to rent your points up to 19 times per year. They just don't want people buying thousands of points to rent out as a full-time business. Your contracts will stay in good standing.