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I have nothing but praise for DVC-Rental and Scott. We asked about a reservation before the booking window opened and he got us booked as soon as it opened. He returned emails and phone calls very quickly and was very knowledgeable about all aspects of DVC. We even got to meet him and his family who happened to be vacationing at the same time as we were. We will definitely book through him again.
- Eric Raymond
11/04/2013 17:46:16
Scott was great. I recommend him to everyone. Saved a lot of money and answered all of my questions. I was nervous at first but he's the real deal.
- Mike Angelos
11/03/2013 8:22:23
Let me start by saying a big "Thank You!" to Scott. Your service was outstanding and my family and I were able to save a ton of money booking through DVC-RENTAL. We booked directly through Disney last year during a promotion, and compared to booking through Scott this year-We not only went from a moderate resort to a deluxe (Savanna View-Kidani), but saved over $1000 dollars overall comparatively. I will absolutely go through DVC-Rental for any Disney vacation moving forward. Thanks again!
- Ryan Cook
10/20/2013 9:11:35
We are back from our 8 night stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was the best Disney vacation we have had yet. We owe a large portion of that to Scott and the owners we bought the points from. We were able to stay in a 1 bedroom villa for a fraction of the cost we would have paid through Disney. The whole process was seamless, once the points were secured we had a confirmation number within 24 hrs and we were able to see our reservation right on the My Disney Experience website... check in went smooth and we were able to relax and enjoy the spacious villa at Jambo House.. this was the first trip we have ever come back from Disney actually feeling like we were on a "vacation" not a hamster wheel!!!! We will never book a Disney trip any other way... Thanks again DVC Rental!!!!
10/14/2013 6:03:04
We loved, loved, loved the Animal Kingdom Lodge-Jambo House! Scott was wonderful to work with, and everything went very smoothly. He answered all our questions in a very timely fashion and was extremely knowledgeable about all things Disney. We saved a lot of money by renting points, and we look forward to using his services in the future! Thank you so much, Scott!!
- Hydee Streett
09/25/2013 11:09:54
I had a great experience working with Scott at DVC Rental. It was nice to have everything taken care of for me, took a lot of stress off of the planning . My contract was expedited quickly, and the communication was great. Scott was very knowledgeable about all aspects of Disney. Would definitely use this service again
- Jennifer Spencer
09/23/2013 20:55:13
Thanks Scott! We had an awesome disney trip. The kids loved the Animal Kingdom Kidini resort. This was our first time using your service and we will definitely use it again! Your service was great. You are very knowledgable and answered all our questions in a very timely manner.
- Janice
09/06/2013 18:07:10
Another fantastic trip with DVC-RENTAL. I should have left a comment last time but never got around to it. Scott was awesome and we saved over $2000 off our trip ya'll. Trust this guy!
- Tyler Goodson
08/29/2013 18:18:37
Great vacation. Scott made everything easy and answered all of my questions. We will definitely be back!
- Rochelle
08/17/2013 6:44:58
Best vacation ever! Loved working with Scott. What else can I say.
- Mike Contaglio
07/31/2013 9:50:38
Best vacation we ever had. Saved a ton and Scott was great. Paid a little more than a Value resort and stayed at Boardwalk! I never thought I could afford to take my family there (I have friends with $$$ and they stay there but I figured I'd never get to). I can't recommend DVC-RENTAL enough!
- Max Trimber
07/09/2013 1635
This was our 2nd time using Scott at DVC rentals to book our family's Disney vacation. Scott is WONDERFUL and we have been very pleased with the ease of the process, the response time, Scott's customer service, and the accommodations. We are already looking ahead to our 3rd visit and plan to make Scott our first call. You cannot go wrong with DVC-Rental.com.
- Ginger Cason
06/28/2013 12:02:47
Last June, my husband and I, our 2 year old daughter, and my in-laws stayed at Bay Lake Tower for 6 nights using points we had rented from DVC-Rental.com. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about the process and had a TON of questions, but Scott answered them all. He was always quick to reply and had my reservation completed within a couple of days of my initial request. He's absolutely wonderful to work with, and I encourage anyone with a large family or a desire to stay at a DVC resort to book with Scott for an amazing stay! I've been to WDW over 15 times, but last year's trip with the in-laws at Bay Lake Tower was my absolute favorite trip! We liked it so much, we bought in! If you're thinking about buying in, I'd recommend a stay first, at discounted rates through DVC-Rental.com! You'll never pay full price for a Disney resort room again!
- Charity Clark
06/20/2013 8:30:42
Thanks Scott! We had a great time on our trip. The kids really enjoyed the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Wish we would have had extra time there. If we would not have rented points we could not have afforded to experience that. Renting points for three nights was CHEAPER that two nights in the Art of Animation family suites. I am still keeping my fingers crossed to one day become a DVC member but until then anytime we want to stay above moderate we are definitely renting from you! Probably going to look at a few days at the end of April 2014 before our cruise. Keep up the good work °o°
- Mary Allen
06/18/2013 18:23:13
Best Disney trip ever! Scott was amazing and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
- Franklin
06/18/2013 8:18:08
Rented for the 2nd time though DVC-RENTAL and Scott came though again. Saved a couple of thousand dollars and the customer service is always great. My kids absolutely loved Animal Kingdom and Old Key West and I never would have spent how much Disney wanted for these rooms. There is no other way to book Disney rooms!
- Michael Cromsky
06/12/2013 18:55:47
We just returned from a wonderful week long trip at Disney. We stayed at the villas at Wilderness Lodge, and loved everything about it! This was our first time going to Disney and booking through vacation club points. Planning our first trip was very overwhelming; The idea of renting/buying vacation club points was a little scary, but the more research I did, the more I realized how much less expensive it is to stay at one of Disney's amazing properties this way. Scott was so wonderful to work with! He put my mind at ease, was super professional, and was always available for any questions or concerns. We would have paid double had we booked the same exact villa directly through Disney! It's really a no brainer! I would absolutely recommend using DVC-Rental.com You will be in good hands! Scott was wonderful; I can't sing his praises enough. Thanks, Scott for helping us make our first magical trip to Disney a reality!
- Jessica Lutheran
05/20/2013 6:35:09
Scott was amazing to work with and my family saved over $3000 off of Disney's prices. I would have thought it was a scam as it sounded too good to be true but my friend Elana used him last year and swore by him. I'm so glad I listened to her. ~Janice
- Janice
05/08/2013 7:24:05
Just got back. Insance stay. Can't thank you enough!!
- Michael Benzinger
05/07/2013 10:44:50
Scott was awesome to work with. We saved several thousand dollars off our reservation. It sounded too good to be true but I'm so glad my friend recommended him.
- Michelle Sparks
05/01/2013 18:26:10
Scott provides a great service and we are able to stay at deluxe resorts for less money than moderates would cost us. Scott does a very thorough job and has obtained for us a rather difficult reservation location and time. We have used his service twice in the last year and plan on doing so in the future.
- Aaron Staley
04/08/2013 17:38:23
We had an excellent experience with DVC-Rental. Scott was so easy and nice to work with. He answered every question and worry I had (this was my first time using disney vacation club points). And he was so fast about getting back to me and getting everything done. I was extremely impressed and will absolutely be using him again for our next Disney vacation. Thank you, Scott!
- Jennifer Rizzo
04/01/2013 13:00:08
Top notch service. Saved a ton of money and Scott was Awesome!!
- Shelly Mastrogiacomo
03/26/2013 18:52:15
Scott was completely awesome to work with. We paid over $3000 less that what Disney was charging for the room and he was wonderful to work with. Got us the Dining Plan and tickets as well. Hard to go to Disney without going through www.dvc-rental.com from now on. Just wish I knew about it earlier.
- Lauren S
03/10/2013 19:05:30
This is my 3rd time using Scott from DVC-RENTAL and he has been great each time. He always writes back right away and I've save over $1000 on each of my trips. There's no better way to do Disney!
- Brian Corcoran
02/14/2013 12:52:06
I am not one who usually takes the time to write a comment unless its about something bad but DVC rentals deserves the accolades. I have never dealt with anyone like Scott who replies back to any and all questions as quickly as he did. When we arrived at Bay Lake Tower all was in order just as we had requested. The room was beautiful, our dining plan already arranged and it made the trip go so much more smoothly. Thanks again for everything that was done ahead of time to make our trip wonderful. If only my feet had been better to me it would have truly been a magical experience. HAHA
- carol key
02/05/2013 14:52:05
Had an amazing trip using DVC-RENTAL. Scott was absolutely wonderful to work with. He helped walk me through every bit of planning (it was my first trip) and there's no way I would ever go to Disney without using him. He has a ton of knowledge and we saved over $3000 off of Disney's pricing. I'm so glad my friend Kerri recommended him to us. Thank you Kerri as well!! ~James
- James B.
01/15/2013 7:37:15
Best people I have ever dealth with. They were very efficient.
12/21/2012 10:53:20
once again this website has come through. you will NOT save at disney unless you rent here. when i use this site (which this is my 2nd time when points were available), i only pay for one/two nights at MOST for my 3-5 day stay. disney charges way more. i wouldnt travel without this site....thank u!!
- Jackie Olsen
12/04/2012 2942
We just returned from a lovely Thanksgiving vacation at Disney World and stayed in a 2 bedroom at Old Key West. We saved tons of money by using DVC Rental and had lots of room. The entire process was seamless and Scott was a pleasure to work with. We were able to book a meal at the newly opened Be Our Guest restaurant because Scott took the time to alert me the day before reservations opened. We will absolutely use DVC Rental again on our next trip to any of the Disney properties. Thanks Scott!
- Linda Ozuna
11/24/2012 9:38:57
We recently returned from a Fabulous Disney trip!! We had a great experience working with Scott to reserve a studio room at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House using a DVC member's points. The reservation was made quickly with printed confirmation, and the entire process was smooth with fast communication whenever I had questions. This was our 1st time staying at a Deluxe Resort at Disney and we Loved it!! We saved a lot of money booking through Scott and will use his services in the future. I have already recommended many people to him! Thanks Scott!!
- Shelly Illies
10/26/2012 7:52:03
We just returned from an amazing stay at Saratoga Springs, thanks to Scott at DVC-rental.com! For the price of a value resort we got a studio at Saratoga. Having the little kitchenette area saved us a lot of $. We ordered groceries and had breakfast on our fabulous patio with lake view! Scott is very professional and responded to all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. We had no problems or issues whatsoever! I can't wait to book again with him next year!
- Kristina Hauser
10/22/2012 9:38:16
This is my thrid time using Scott from DVC-RENTAL.com and I don't think I would ever go to anyone else. Each time we've saved THOUSANDS over Disney and he's great to work with. Last trip was to Boardwalk and my family had a blast. Thanks again Scott. I've referred several people to you already and will continue to do so. ~Marc
- Marc Henry
10/17/2012 7:51:59
The process of booking the DVC room to staying at the resort was seamless. Scott made me feel at ease with his quick responses to emails. I will definitely rent from dvc-rental.com on my future Disney vacations. Thanks Scott!
- Rafael Nevarez
10/01/2012 5:15:16
Scott was great to work with. Everything went smooth and we had a great time. Thanks for all the hard work DVC.
- Don King
09/21/2012 10:43:45
We loved renting points through dvc-rental.com and will use their service again! Scott was fantastic to work with, and we highly recommend their service.
- David O'Dell
08/28/2012 20:23:01
We've used Scott twice now, and both times he went above and beyond to answer any questions we had. Before using DVC-rental.com, I had never rented points before, and now I will recomend DVC-rental.com to everyone I know coming to Disney. Scott made everything super easy and fast. Our accomodations at Boardwalk Villas and Animal Kingdom Lodge were both excellent. Thank you, Scott for making our vacations great, looking forward to using your business again!
- Debbie Allen
08/27/2012 8:43:22
Scott..you are awesome ....thanks so much for arranging the 10 night stay at Kidani for my family and I . We had an awesome time and cant wait for next year .I will be in touch soon .Keep up the awesome job ! I'm telling EVERYOE about DVC-RENTAL.COM and YOU !
- Gerard Vining
08/02/2012 8:24:17
Just finishing up our week vacation at Vero Beach. This was by far one of our best vacations ever. We are very thankful for Scott helping us get these reservation and making everything go smoothly. We will for sure rent again through him.
- Kim Curtis
07/12/2012 5:29:57
Scott was completely awesome to work with and we got SO MUCH MORE than if we had gone through Disney for the same price. I can't recommend him enough!! Best vacation we've ever had and I will definitely use his services again. Animal Kingdom was a dream come true!
- Rich W.
07/10/2012 6:32:56
We just returned from our 8 night trip using DVC points and our stay at the Bay Lake Tower. I am so impressed with the fast response time and immediate answers to any questions I had. I was initially nervous about the whole reservation process, but I am so glad I used Scott and DVC-Rental. Scott alleviated any stress by finding the room we wanted and securing our reservation. I was able to get a great price on a 1 bedroom suite and it was much less than what it would have cost us for a moderate resort. I had a great experience using DVC-Rental.com, I wouldn't hesitate to use and suggest DVC-Rental to my friends in the future.
- Janine S
06/11/2012 13:58:09
I had a wonderful, stress-free experience using DVC-Rental.com for our recent Disney trip. The fast response time with questions I had was amazing along with the whole reservation process. We stayed at The Animal Kingdom Kidani Village and we all loved staying there. Renting points from DVC-Rental.com allowed us to stay at a deluxe resort at a much lower price than what we would have paid had we gone through Disney. I highly recommend DVC-Rental.com and we will be using them for our future Disney trips!!
- Sheri Spara
06/09/2012 20:20:07
We just returned from a six-night stay at Saratoga Springs Resort. This was the first time we rented DVC points and we LOVED it! In the past, we've only stayed at Value and Moderate resorts, and I don't think we'll ever go back. We had a nice studio room in a GREAT location and couldn't believe that the cost was comparable to what we would have paid to stay in a Value resort (and it was LESS than what we would have paid for a Moderate). The whole planning process was easy and smooth as well - Scott took care of everything (room reservation, dining plan, and Magical Express transportation) and was quick to respond to all of the questions we had. We highly recommend Scott and DVC-Rental.
- Katy Lee
06/09/2012 10:18:00
We just got back from the Kadani Village last night. The resort is awsome, very beautiful, the kids love the pool. We got the 5th floor room all the way at the end of the lobby on the first night, but we have requested to changed to the 4th floor on top of the lobby for the rest of the trip. The savanah view was worth the money. We spent lots of time in the community hall, a bonus for Kadani, the Jambo house has no community hall but more restaurants. I am very please with the DCV service, I will definitely come back and use the DVC again. We came a cross a few families who booked their trip through Disney directly for the same week and studio delux type of room, they paid 1 1/2 more than what we have paid through the DVC service. Thanks for a great deal and we will definitely come back.
- AAA Tran
05/30/2012 9:40:06
Just returned from a trip to Boardwalk. I wouldn't have been able to afford to stay there if it wasn't for Scott and DVC-RENTAL. I've already told several friends and will NOT be going back to Disney without using his services. I'm officially spoiled now. Thanks a lot!! :)
- Joe Angelano
05/07/2012 20:44:48
We had a great experience with Scott at www.dvc-rental.com and have recommended a bunch of people to use him as well. His prices were MUCH better than Disney and his personal service absolutely made the vacation. He really knows what he's talking about.
- Vijay Thaper
04/09/2012 14:40:49
I, like most people, was hesitant about renting directly from a DVC member. Scott made me comfortable by offering a "brokerage" whereby the risk is all but removed. He was quick to obtain our reservation, answered all of our questions and the vacation was flawless. Everything went off without a hitch and my kids will have memories that will last a lifetime. There really is no better way to go if you want to stay "on property" at Disney. I would highly recommend Scott and DVC-Rental.com for your next Disney vacation. I know he'll be booking our next trip!
- Douglas Brown
03/14/2012 19:18:29
We just got back from a wonderful week at Boardwalk in 2 studios. Everything was perfect. This was our second trip in 6 months we booked through Scott. It is so much cheaper that we can go twice a year now! Now that we have done deluxe we can't go back to moderate or value!! Being from Canada we had a few problems paying for the Dining plan in Disney Giftcards, as we can't get them in US funds here. Scott got everything sorted out quickly for us. We will always book all of our future trips through Scott! Thanks so much for a magical vacation!
- Katie Tetzlaff
03/12/2012 20:11:28
We were a little hesitant to send such a large chunk of money to Scott, but everything went extremely well. He even handled the addition of the dining plan and shuttle bus. If we weren't planning on buying into the DVC ourselves, we'd use him again.
- Marc McKay
03/12/2012 13:18:10
We had a big group going to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon and I thought we would just stay in the All-Star Resorts because of the price. A friend of mine got me connected with Scott and he was wonderful with all of our confusing arrangements and we LOVED being in a villa instead of a small hotel room. Everything went perfectly once we got there and we will DEFINITELY book with DVC-Rental again.
- Debbie Perkins
03/11/2012 17:33:37
We stayed at a two bedroom Beach Club Villa in Feb 2012. Can happily report no problems with the booking and that we had a great stay. Thanks Scott, we will definately be using DVC-Rental again soon ! Kind Regards, Steve Overs UK
- Steve Overs
03/11/2012 6:33:11
OMG! Can't say enough great things about Scott and his wonderful service. My DH said this was going to be our last trip for awhile, so I really wanted to try a deluxe resort. Without Scott and his help, we never would have been able to afford it. We got a deluxe studio villa at Wilderness Lodge for less than what a moderate costs. The grounds were beautiful. My kids loved the nature trail between the Lodge and the Campgrounds. And the boat access to MK was perfect. We left our room at 7:30 one morning and were strolling down Main Street USA by 7:55. Check-in was flawless, and we were able to utilize the dining plan. Scott made everything run so smoothly. I can't recommend him enough. Can't wait to use his services again!
- Lesley Crochet
03/08/2012 8:52:02
We just returned from a 4 day trip to the Animal Kingdom Villas and had a fantastic time. Scott answered all of our questions along the way and everything turned out exactly as he said it would. We loved having the extra space and amenities compared to a typical hotel room. Can't wait until our next trip. Thanks, Scott!
- Andrew Weise
01/31/2012 20:12:29
We absolutely loved our stay at Old Key West! Scott made the whole reservation process so easy. We were a little nervous about renting points at first, but DVC-rental.com are true professionals and were so good about answering questions and making the experience a breeze. Even a last-minute cancellation from one person in our group was no problem! We will definitely be emailing Scott the next time we travel to WDW!
- Lindsey B.
01/29/2012 15:47:39
Booked three rooms from Scott 11 months in advance. Everything went very smoothly and the communication was great!! Would not hesitate to use DVC-Rental again for my Disney reservations. Thanks Scott!!
- Joe Innamorato
01/22/2012 11:15:27
We just returned from our six-night trip to Disney's Old Key West resort. The entire reservation, check-in and check-out process was seamless! Scott was a pleasure to work with while planning our Disney vacation, and the value was unbelievable! I would not hesitate to recommend using DVC-Rental.com and will do so again for our next Disney trip.
01/16/2012 8:16:59
We just returned from our 3 Night Stay at the Saratoga Springs Resort (1/2/12 - 1/5/12). The resort was great and the value we got from DVC-Rental was second to none. I will certainly use their services for our next visit, which could be soon, as our kids have found they LOVE Disney World and the treatment they get at the Property Resorts. Thanks Scott for all your help. Sean G.
- Sean Gilmartin
01/13/2012 12:00:04
We have been lucky enough to visit Disney World many times. But, we have never stayed at a DVC property. What a treat for us to be able to do so this trip! Many thanks to Scott for making this possible and so very easy. I highly recommend using DVC Rental to book a vacation and will definatelly be booking with them again!
- Gretta List
01/10/2012 18:44:03
We booked our family Disney vacation through Scott and he was very helpful! He took care of all monies and the room reservation itself. He also forwarded all info to set up our Disney dining plan. Anytime I had a question all I had to do was email Scott and I received an answer very promptly! We would definitely use Scott again! Have a magical trip!!
- Renee Fochtmann
01/07/2012 8:13:57
This was simply a great way to book a vacation. Saves a lot of money. Scott was great to deal with. Everything went perfectly. We would highly recommend this site and service.
- Bill Dwyer
12/12/2011 8:18:59
When I started to research a return trip to Walt Disney World after 10 years, I determined that one of the best values we could get would be to do a DVC rental. I was referred to DVC Rental by a trusted friend. Scott was great to work with and had some of the best prices for DVC rentals around. Once I decided to do a DVC rental, the process was smooth and seamless. I have already suggested to a friend who is planning a trip they should think about using DVC-Rental. Thanks DVC Rental. Cheers - Greg
- Greg
12/11/2011 10:16:31
Last April, Scott was able to find us a Studio at Saratoga Springs for less than we could have stayed at Pop Century or similar. The process was fast and seamless. During our stay, our son ended up in the hospital for a few days. We had some family come down to help us and DVC upgraded us to a 2 bedroom villa to accommodate the extra family knowing that we were renting from members. We would recommend it to everyone and will use his services for all future trips.
- Mike Richburg
12/09/2011 19:34:25
I don't know where to begin..... with the ease of this rental, the PERFECT location, the great communication, etc. This was truly our best vacation at Disney and that's saying alot. We stayed in the Rafiki location of Kidani Village with a savanah view that was magnificent!! The animals are gorgeous and very active. The covenience of the condo was wonderful, from the spacious kitchen, to having laundry, to the amazing master suite!! We had 2 families, 4 adults and 4 children and were very comfortable and saved money by eating at the condo at least twice a day. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
- Amy Reiter
12/05/2011 8:59:28
Booking my honeymoon through DVC-Rental was a leap of faith, but I would never have been able to afford my Savannah View at Animal Kingdom Lodge paying Disney's prices. The booking process was very smooth and although we had some issues sorting out DDP and Magical Express, Scott was in constant contact and was absolutely brilliant sorting things out. Everything went perfectly and I've had the best honeymoon imaginable. Thank you for everything.
- David Titterton
11/30/2011 17:54:13
This was our second time using DVC-Rental and just like last time we were thrilled with Scott and his service! I am a huge control freak so it's a big deal for me to trust someone with my planning! Thanks again for another great reservation, looking forward to booking again!
- Rebekah Baier
11/30/2011 15:29:58
Our family just came back from WDW and a wonderful Thanksgiving week holiday stay at the Wilderness Lodge Villas. Thanks to DVC rental we were able to stay at our preferred resort. Everthing worked out well down to the "Magical Express" transportation. My family is already talking about returning to WDW to try out a different Villa.
- Harriet Sottile
11/28/2011 10:43:55
Renting AND using points from DVC-Rental was so easy and effortless. It all went off without a hitch - the way a Disney experience is meant to be. We stayed at Animal Kingdom's Kidani Village in an amazing villa that we never would have been able to afford without this site. We'll absolutely check with DVC-Rental when we plan our next Disney vacation.
- Kelly Ellenich
11/14/2011 14:18:01
We just returned from 7 days in a 2 bedroom villa at Wildnerness Lodge. Our trip was amazing and everything worked out perfectly. Scott was able to save us at least $3,000 on this trip and I would use this service again in a second. Wish I could go back right now. I loved having 2 bedrooms and 2 baths so that our extended family could hang out together and enjoy time we spent at the Lodge. Awesome trip! Thank you so much!!!
- Liz
10/12/2011 19:44:23
My husband and I were planning on going to Disney to celebrate our 10 year anniversary without kids. I had booked POFQ with a discount when I found Scott and DVC-rental. I was very excited that I could upgrade and stay at the Jambo house cheaper than I could stay at the moderate hotel. I was a little nervous at first, this being my first time renting any DVC points, but I was very pleased, with how through and quick all the communication from Scott was. He also gave his opinion on where would the best place to stay within my price range. I impressed with everything about my stay, and can’t wait until I can call DVC-rental for their services for my next trip to the World with my whole family…even if it is in two years.
- Maura Mazza
09/27/2011 15:53:14
We had a great time using DVC-RENTAL. We got a much nicer room than planned and saved a bunch of money. Scott was awesome!!
- Ben F
09/27/2011 11:58:55
I'm so glad that we booked our vacation with Scott at DVC-RENTAL. He helped us throughout the whole process and we saved a ton of money and got a much nicer room than expected. We go down to Disney 2-3 times a year and I can't imagine ever booking another trip without using them! It was a last minute trip and only Saratoga Springs was left but it was an absolutely beautiful resort and the room was HUGE!! Thanks so much.
- James P.
09/21/2011 10:28:01
I was so pleased I found out about dvc-rental.com. I wanted to surprise my sister with something special, and to be able to do so *and* stay on budget was fantastic. It couldn't have worked out better.
- Paul Navarre
09/18/2011 19:02:30
This was the first trip for our kids to WDW. My mom wanted to go with us but all the options given by Disney were unacceptable to my husband. We needed somewhere that slept 5, had 2 bathrooms and be nice enough that my husband would stay there. Scott made all our Disney dreams come true! We stayed 4 nights at Kidani and no one was disappointed. We got a great deal. Scott answered all of my questions and did it quickly. I have recommended his site to anyone who tells me they are thinking Disney. We are thinking of coming back sooner rather than later!
- Nicole Groves
09/13/2011 18:25:04
I love DVC-RENTAL.COM! I stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village in a Savannah View room August 11th-August 16th. 5 nights, for more then HALF of the price it would have cost when booking it through Disney! I was amazed! I will NEVER travel to Disney without using this site! Our room was awesome. Check in was actually EASIER then anywhere I have stayed before. No problems. Great communication through this site, very quick response for all of my emails and questions. The process of booking the room was very easy as well. I will always use Scott when booking my next vacation! Which will most likely be yearly now that we can use DVC-RENTAL.COM to book!!! Thank you again so much!
- Jackie Olsen
08/24/2011 8:44:44
Scott was enormously helpful as we began planning our vacation! He returned phone calls quickly and did everything that he said he would do. He answered questions about way more than just renting DVC points. He even advised us to do what was best for US, even if it didn't make him as much money. I would recommend him over his higher-cost competitors any day!!!
- Kimberly Schluterman
08/23/2011 14:45:18
Working with Scott was great. We took a much nicer vacation than we were planning for the same amount of money. The Animal Kingdom Villas were awesome!!
- Danny
08/12/2011 13:34:58
We did our first Disney trip with our children (5 year old, 3 year old, and 6 month old) in May and were lucky enough to find out about Scott and DVC Rentals through a Disney guide book. Scott was wonderful--extremely helpful and assisted us with getting our exactly what we were looking for in our vacation. Everything went exactly as described and we will definitely use Scott and DVC Rentals again. :) Thank you so much!!
07/16/2011 22:46:52
My husband & I recently used DVC-RENTAL for a last minute trip celebrating our anniversary. Being DVC members ourselves we are very familiar with the booking process but were a bit skeptical about renting. Well skepticism went out the window after working with Scott! He was always prompt replying to any concern I had and walked me through the entire rental process. This is especially revealing in my opinion because it was a very small contract. We were only staying 3 nights but he made me feel just as important as if we were procuring a much bigger contract. Thank you Scott. We are recommending you to anyone who will listen!
- Beverly R
07/10/2011 7:36:06
We booked our last Disney trip in May 2011 using vacation points through Scott at DVC Rental. We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort, a deluxe resort, and it cost us the price of a moderate resort! While we were in Disney, we met up with Scott and his family and a bunch of people staying in Disney through Scott's company. There were 23 of us in Magic Kingdom on the same night! We took a DVC Rental trip on Pirates of the Carribbean and Scott treated us all to Dole Whips and some other treats. We met some great people! Thank you Scott! We are recommending DVC Rental to anyone we know travelling to Disney.
- Laura H.
07/04/2011 7:29:23
We took our first trip with DVC-Rental.com and it was absolutely Fabulous! Scott was such a pleasure to deal with and was very helpful with everything. It was truly a Great experience and am already looking forward to our next trip in October that we also booked thru DVC-Rental.com. We stayed at Saratoga Springs and the room was great and at a fraction of the price of booking direct and the reservation was absolutely smooth, no issues what so ever. I have gone alot in the past to Disney and I will now make all my reservations with Scott and DVC-Rental.com from this point forward. It was a Truly Magical Experience, Thanks Again Scott!!
- Ken Salzer
06/22/2011 7:43:28
Thank you to Scott and DVC-Rental.com! We just got back from a wonderful Disney vacation at the Saratoga Springs resort. Scott was so helpful from start to finish. The process was very easy, professional and we felt secure knowing our points were reserved for us. Even with our last-minute decision to make the trip we were able to stay in a very nice 2 bedroom villa for a fraction of what it would have cost us. There were no troubles at all with either our room or the dining plan. We will definitely be referring this service to our friends and working with Scott again in the future.
- Lisa VanDyke
06/21/2011 14:01:59
Scott everything went as you planned for us, the Magical Express ride from the airport to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the studio villas were wxcellent and both rooms were close to each other as you said they would be. We had a great time all week, sorry we missed your social, we were at Epcot that day...all day. Thanks again, we'll be calling on you again soon for Hawaii. Ed and Valerie Oreta
- Edward Oreta II
06/19/2011 9:14:39
Scott was very helpful in coordinating the hotel reservation, and provided excellent communication every step of the way. DVC-Rental.com provided us with an ecellent value, allowing us to stay in a hotel that otherwise we would not have been able to get into. We would definitely use them again.
- Jon D
06/17/2011 10:04:22
We booked thru Scott at DVC-Rental after looking around at the Disney Properties. This was our 1st visit to Disney and we were traveling with young children and grandparents. We needed a 2 bedroom to fit all the people. The costs from Disney and other tour companies was very expensive and little offers for the properties that we wanted. We ended up working with Scott and saving over $3000 from what the other's were quoting. Stayed at the Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary and LOVED the room and location. We had plenty of room for everyone. We even put the crib for the youngest in the master bathroom and worked out great for when he went to bed early. Still had 2 other full baths in the room. We were able to walk to Magic Kingdom at any time. This will be the place we stay at for future vacation. The rental process was quick and easy with Scott and would recommend this to anyone looking for rooms at Disney. Scott also provided some tips for us since we were 1st time visitors to Disney. Thanks again for all your help. Scott
- Scott F
06/16/2011 13:21:57
We rented points in May and stayed at Old Key West Resort. It was soooooo easy to do! We had no problems checking in and had an awesome stay! I will definately be renting points in the future from DVC-Rental.com!
06/15/2011 19:21:45
Would like to say a big thank you to Scott for a flawless vacation. My husband, youngest son and I recently had the oppurtunity to take advantage of DVC rentals great sevices and were rewarded with a beautiful savannah view studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani. All transactions were very fast and efficient. Paper work flowed and before I knew it I was staying as a DVC guest for 3 wonderful nights. The great prices allowed us to extend our vacation by several days and I look forward to booking with DVC -Rental again. A Magic Kingdom view from Bay Lake Tower is calling my name !!! Thank you Scott for helping us to make magical memories. Cathy M'Creadie ºOº St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada
- Cathy M'Creadie
06/14/2011 19:56:19
We just returned from a week long stay at Kidani Village. This was our first time booking through dvc-rental and we are extremely happy customers! Not only did we save a ton of money but we also had great service from dvc-rental. Scott was very prompt about answering any questions and getting back to me. I would definitely recommend dvc-rental to anyone looking for great accomadions at Disney.
- Kristin C.
05/21/2011 21:45:03
We loved renting through "DVC-Rental.com". The entire process was very easy and we appreciated your professionalism and the quality of service. We will be renting from you again. Thank you!
- Dawn Burns
05/14/2011 9:49:45
Got a great deal through Scott and saved over $2000. I will DEFINITELY come back again. Everything was smooth and wonderful.
- Franklin Potter
05/12/2011 10:01:06
I found Scott and DVC-rental only a month before our trip, and was convinced that we wouldn't be able to rent points this time around. Before I tried to make the reservation, I contacted Scott personally, and lucked out! He had a reservation available for Kidani during the week that we were spending in Disney, and I jumped on it. He has been great every step of the way, from making sure that we were checked in ok, to suggesting awesome things to check out while we were there. We have another reservation booked at Jambo in November, and I enjoyed my stay at Kidani so much that we actually bought into Bay Lake Towers while we were on vacation. I'm looking forward to many Disney vacations in the future, thanks to Scott and our awesome trip!
- Nicole Kehoe
04/06/2011 15:04:12
We were able to spend a week at Bay Lake Towers for less than half of what Disney was charging by booking through www.dvc-rental.com Scott was very courteous and informative about everything and I was at ease the whole time. I even told several people down in Disney about you and hope they contact you as well. Thank you again and we'll continue coming to you in the future! -A
- Annabelle Chiccono
04/01/2011 10:08:52
Reservation was awesome. Will rent points from Scott every time!
- Joe T.
03/20/2011 15:47:02
This is our first trip to WDW. We rented points from DVC-rental. Scott was great. He has made the rental process so easy. Everything was just what it should be when we get there. No surprises. He answered so many questions for us. We really appreciate it. Thanks!
- Wei Zhang
03/07/2011 11:45:31
I used DVC-RENTAL for a trip to Bay Lake and it was absolutely wonderful. It was MUCH cheaper than booking through Disney and Scott made everything very easy. I'm only upset I did not find out about their services earlier! Thank You!!
- Larry Kenny
03/01/2011 15:57:20
We had a awesome vacation at Saratoga Springs thanks to Scott and DVC-Rental. What a great idea to link people to available DVC points. This was a very easy service to use and everything worked out well. Thanks so much for all your help!
- Christina Fox
02/22/2011 20:42:01
We had a great experience working with Scott to reserve an awesome room at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village using a DVC member's points. The reservation was made quickly with printed confirmation, and the entire process was smooth with fast communication whenever I had questions. And the price!! Very pleased.
- R Peterson
02/15/2011 23:14:43
We had some extra Disney points which were about to expire. I contacted Scott and he made a great effort to get these points sold and in the hands of two families. This was not a large transactions and I am certain the effort far exceeded the financial reward...BUT...it certainly made a great good time for two families. The caring about the ultimate customer by DVC-Rental will assure my business on any future Disney needs. Thanks Spike Dayton
- Spike Dayton
02/11/2011 11:08:41
This was a very pleasant experience. It was easy, and the result were great. I only wish I had more points for him to rent out. I would recommend this company over all other rentals companies. Thanks so much for a great experience. Look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
- patricia Crutchfield
02/11/2011 10:50:16
I just rented our DVC points thru Scott. Points were rented within days and the entire experience was very positive. I would definately recommend dvc-rental to any dvc member who finds themselves with points they are unable to use.
- Deborah
02/11/2011 8:16:48
My wife and I had reservations for a week at Pop Century until we asked about renting points on dvc-rental.com. We were able to stay at Saratoga Springs instead and we had an amazing time. The whole process was really easy and Scott was very personable and professional in securing our reservation. When the time arrives, we will definitely rent again in the future.
- Trent Sexton
02/09/2011 21:45:49
We had a wonderful trip thanks to DVC-RENTAL. They answered a ton of questions for me and we were able to save around $1500 off of Disney's pricing. Scott was great to work with and I've already passed on their service to 2 of my friends. I don't think I can go to Disney again without going through you!!! ~Desire
- Desire Lyons
02/09/2011 15:14:59
Our trip to Old Key West was wonderful. We had a 2 Bedroom Villa with full amenities. The resort was completely laid back and the room was huge. I wish I had found out about DVC-RENTAL.COM earlier. We saved over $2000 off of Disney's rate. Thanks to Scott as well. He was great to work with and made the whole process easy. I would definitely go through him again.
- James B.
02/01/2011 9:39:17
We had a very positive experience with Scott. This was our first time selling our points and everything was handled very smoothly every step of the way. We definitely would use DVC rental again.
- Engebose Jeff
01/21/2011 22:02:48
I had a positive experience working with Scot. He was very informative and helpful every step in the process of renting from a DVC member. I would definitely use his services again, as I know he is a reliatble and trustworthy person.
- C L
01/20/2011 12:44:29
Working with Scott is a pleasurable experience from start to finish. He is right on top of everything and makes sure all involved are pleased with the final results and wonderful times are had by all!
- Vera Angell
01/19/2011 10:24:45
Have rented several times from various owners and renting from Scott at DVC-rental was one of the most effecient, well-communicated and trusted experiences.
- Bruce Holmes
01/18/2011 21:05:46
Dealing with Scott was easy and and prompt. We would not hesitate to sell our points with him again.
- mark levy
01/18/2011 6:57:12
I was nervous about the potential risk of purchasing points directly from a DVC owner, but then I found DVC-Rental. They were very helpful and walked me right thru the process. It may have been a little cheaper going directly to an owner, but the security of going thru DVC-Rental was well worth the few extra points it cost me! Scott helped us along every step of the way and was always very responsive anytime I had a question.
- Tom Brinker
01/17/2011 7:56:18
My wife and I took a short-notice trip to Disney World last fall and used DVC-Rental for a four night stay in a studio at Old Key West. This was our first experience with DVC. The price and accommodations were great. DVC-Rental was easy to work with and we will probably do it again soon. You get all the enjoyment of a DVC timeshare without the long-term commitment.
- George Flegal
01/16/2011 19:28:54
I would thoroughly recommend this website to anyone! I admit I was a bit skeptical of this whole procedure in the beginning, but this site made me a believer! We spent a lovely vacation in Disney January 9-15 at Saratoga Springs in a studio. It was a dream come true! Scott and everyone at this site were very professional, all questions answered very promptly. I am beyond ecstatic at how this was handled. I will never again do Disney without consulting you first! Thanks for making my dreams come true without breaking my budget! You made my vacation a reality! I will most certainly be doing business with you in the future. Thanks again!
- Laura Wolfe
01/16/2011 14:03:46
We have been working w/Scott for a few months. Transactions have been very professional. We would recommend using Scott to anyone. Great job!
- Ed Levering
01/16/2011 11:49:36
Scott provided an excellent experience for renting my DVC points. The whole process worked as promised. I would use the service again. I strongly endorse DVC-Rental.com
- Neal Ayme
01/16/2011 9:34:14
Scott was great to work with. He helped me to sell my points when they were close to expiring. Now instead of losing money I made a few extra bucks. I would never use anyone else again to sell or trade my points!
- Arlene Poole
01/15/2011 20:56:10
I had been wanting to stay in the Grand Californian in Disneyland resort, but wasn't ready to buy a time share. Scott was great to work with and was able to hook us up with just the accomodations we were hoping for within a day of when I contacted him. He made the reservation and payment process super easy. I wish I had known about this option sooner!
- Michele Nielson
01/15/2011 13:57:11
I had points that were going to expire and had no way to use them. I found dvc-rental.com from an on-line search and figured that I would give them a try. From the beginning I was impressed with the ease of dealing with Scott and am so completely satisfied that I used this service two more times. I also feel so confident in suggesting this to my DVC friends. Excellent Service.
- Stacy Nelson
01/15/2011 8:46:08
01/15/2011 8:43:15
Scott was wonderful to work with and Beach Club was great for the kids. Thanks
- Elizabeth Grasso
01/15/2011 8:41:06
Animal Kingdom was absolutely amazing. My family had a great time and your tip about the nightly parade was great. Thank you very much Scott and we will definitely use your service again.
- Mark Jeiger
01/15/2011 8:00:06
Renting points was even easier than I expected and we had a great trip.
- Robert Blumenstock
01/10/2011 14:45:02
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